德州达人吃货团:享美食 交好友 炭火烤肉吃起来


Luzhou, Texas, July 9 (Reporter Wu Meilin) On the afternoon of the 6th, the second phase of the Texas Duty Group was held at the Saiqi Eight Flags Barbecue Restaurant.


"I have been paying attention to the activities of the Texas Daren Group. I was lucky enough to be taken to the food group for free for the first time. The shop is very clean, the food is delicious, and I hope that the next lottery of the food group can be drawn to me. "The students from Texas College told reporters.


A plate of delicious delicacies was put on the table, and the "foodies" couldn't help but start. The pickled meat is placed on the baking sheet to make a "sweet" sound, which leads to the "food" index finger movement. When the meat is baked, it is "raised."


“Very good, I have such a delicious food, and it is still a free dinner. I feel that my happiness index is rising. I hope I can join the food group next time and experience more food.” Ms. Zhao said.

The person in charge of the Dade Group of Texas Dingzhou told reporters that the Texas Daren Group hopes to gather a group of people who can eat, drink and have fun together in Texas, and create more interesting and rich activities for them during the holiday break. Members can experience more fun.